CLAIO 2018 Tech

Dates: Wednesday 26 - Thursday 27, 9am–6pm


Join us at the 1st CLAIO Tech! You'll see Advanced Analytics & Optimization Technologies (AA&O) from Startups, Large Companies, Operation Research Centers, Governments and Universities from +15 countries!

What is CLAIO Tech?

It's the 1st Advanced Analytics & Optimization Technologies (AA&O) exhibition of Companies, Universities and Research Centers from more than 15 countries

The main goal of CLAIO TECH is to promote the exchange of experiences between: researchers and practitioners, industrial and government enterprises and producers of operations research technologies.

What will you see?

You'll see:

  • The latest solutions & products in AA&O from innovative companies
  • Success cases of AA&O technologies & methods implementation from consolidated firms that increased their revenues, optimized their resource usage and reduced their risks

What sectors will participate?

What's more?

Apart from the exhibition, we will have:

  • Tutorials & technologies presentation
  • Panel discussions
  • Special cluster oriented to applications of AA&O in the selected sectors

ALIO & Asociated Societies Center

The ALIO Center will be located inside the exhibit hall. Be sure to stop by and see key ALIO leadership and staff, and learn more about the many programs and activities taking place throughout the year.

In the same way, many of the ALIO Societies will be there!